Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This is mostly defined by the heat wave we've all been having. Truth be told, I haven't suffered much due to the wall of AC at every destination in my travels. I even managed to ride my bike to work on a couple of the hottest days.
Other evidence of summer-ness:

  • Sunday is our 1 year anniversary. Its kind of surreal. How did that happen? This has been the fastest year EVER! To celebrate we're having dinner on Saturday at DC Coast, thereby FINALLY using a gift certificate given to us exactly one year ago by some great friends. And on Sunday we're going kayaking on the Potomac! I've never been kayaking in the area and I have no excuse. We kayaked on our honeymoon in Nicaragua so I'm looking forward to reliving the 'magic'.

  • Trips! At the end of the month we'll be hopping over to Brooklyn to visit PassionKnitly (creator of the famous wedding afghan). And in August we're spending several days in Little Rhody with family. The timing of the trip centers on a Jimmy Buffett concert on the 10th. Yes, I am the daughter of a full-blown Parrot Head (which in Buffett-lingo makes me a Parakeet). I've only ever been to 1 other concert (in 2000) and it was a blast. I grew up listening to his tunes :)
And now a knitting update sans photos. I gave the mother-to-be the finished Daisy cardigan about a week ago. It went over very well. I showed her the two sets of buttons I had picked out and told her after the baby's born, I'll sew on whichever set she chooses. It was my first baby shower and the best part was seeing the story books that everyone brought as requested on the invitation. I brought There's a Monster at the End of this Book and A Child's First Book of Poems. The mother-to-be wasn't familiar with the Grover book so one of her friends proceeded to read it aloud to us.
I've since cast on for another Daisy cardigan using the exact same yarn for an older baby in RI. It's going kind of slow however. In the most recent knitting vs. reading battle, the book won so I must heartily recommend the Time Traveler's Wife because of its victory over Daisy 2.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Knitting update

The Daisy cardigan is nearly finished. I just have to finish sewing the arm seams and weave in ends. It was so fast and very satisfying. I was even pursuaded to order 2 more sets of the same yarn (one is the same color, the other is blues/greens) for 2 other babies I know. Clapotis is rounding the final stretch, but I fear I will run out of yarn. I'm really bad at guessing how much yarn is needed towards the end of a pattern so I'm holding off on ordering more until there's only an 8 in. tail hanging. Team M2 has lapped me and thereconstruction since they already have a completed Clapotis. Before, I was using the excuse of the cardigan interruption, but when you see how many projects Seal Daze has whipped out since she started Clapotis you'll see why my puny excuse is embarassing. I originally thought I wouldn't be able to wear Le Clapotis until the fall, but the level of AC in our building (and many others in the city) now means I can wear it at work all summer!! I knew there was a silver lining to the foot-numbing temperatures of our chilled office.