Saturday, August 22, 2009

5 Shows

  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    I cannot wait for the next season to start. Not that we can actually watch a show when it's actually on. But works for me. And we're only a tiny bit ashamed that this show provides us so much enjoyment. Despite the questionable themes, as recently described by PrincessSara. Our favorite episode is Manhunter.
  • Flight of the Conchords
    We got into this later than many others, but not that late so we still feel like we're part of a semi-exclusive club. Sometimes the musical interludes bore me, but not often and I like that they do things differently. I'll admit that the idea for even watching this show came from a coworker during a conference call who implied that some of our weekly calls sound a bit like the Flight of the Conchords band-meeting roll call.
  • Weeds
    I think we discovered this show back when we had Showtime for free. That happened more than once in DC. Sometimes it gets a bit much with the constant stress, drugs, crime, etc. But there's always Kevin Nealon and the Andy character to keep it loose.
  • Arrested Development
    I think I've mentioned before that this was a show that I essentially resisted for a very long time. I had watched one or two episodes and wasn't bowled over. Until enough friends said that it should be watched in order. So at some point, I finally did. And I saw the light. And we had a good run there for awhile, thanks to Hulu. What a blow when we realized there weren't anymore episodes left.
  • Dead Like Me
    I've only been watching this show for a week (again, via hulu) thanks to a random update from a friend on facebook. I was looking for a show that would be easy to watch during erich's long evenings in the hospital. Only, it turns out he likes it too so it's now turned into a show we watch together. Damn our compatibility that results in overlapping tastes! Mandy Patinkin is quite good and the stories are amusing.
  • Big Love
    I'm allowed to have a 6th here because Arrested Development isn't actually on anymore. And I haven't watched Big Love forever. It was another show discovered when we had HBO for free. It started because friends of ours who were into the Sopranos (3-4 yrs ago?) but didn't have HBO would watch it at our place on Sunday evenings. We hadn't been fans of the show beforehand, but we were fans of these friends so Sopranos was an excuse to see them. Then Big Love aired before Sopranos. I ended up liking it more and kept watching it via Netflix after our HBO free-ride ended. It's not really surprising how much I enjoy it given my attachment to TLC programs about families with lots of children or other 'strange' ways of living.