Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 quick updates

Things have been busy so I only have time for 2 quick updates.

1. I finished Harry Potter last night. I liked the ending and was thoroughly surprised. So clearly, I did not fall victim to any spoilers out there in the last few weeks.

2. I'm #243 on the Ravelry invite list! That means that I'll probably get my invite the next time the Masters O'Ravelry send out a batch of invites - they usually do at least 500 at a time, though lately they've been doing around 1000 at once. yay!!!

If I were to come up with 1 thought that unites these 2 updates it would be that knitters who are fans of Ravenclaw should form a group on Ravelry. It would of course be called: Ravelclaw.

Monday, August 06, 2007

They should have their own town

Except their town wouldn't have a school because these kids are all home-schooled.

I guess I dropped the ball for a few months cuz last time I checked, the Duggar family had 15 children. Now they're on #17. And the mom's only 40!! My fascination with this family has not diminished.
CNN article

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Whoa, Natalie Imgruglia's "Torn" just came on my Pandora station. This weird wave of high school nostalgia just washed over me. Isn't it cool how music can do that to you?

3 pieces of random

  1. I have this really weird desire to see Becoming Jane as soon as it comes out. It's just because of that girly preview with the Dido song. It got me.
  2. I've never been a bath person, but the tub at our new place is slowly converting me. I rewarded myself for cleaning last night with an awesome bath: some candles, lamp brought in for reading, Three Bags Full (a sheep murder-mystery seems to mesh very well with bathtime), lavender bath salts, Dido in the background (there she is again)...
  3. I often stir my coffee at work with the end of a ballpoint pen. That's ok right?