Friday, October 26, 2007

The Monkeys are Loud

But they are very comfy.
I finished them last night after the extremely satisfying Sox game :)
I wanted to finish them DURING the game, but halfway through grafting the toe, the people for whom we were babysitting came home and you know it's impossible to graft and be sociable. So I calmly noted where I left off, packed them into my bag, watched the last 2 innings at their house, and drove home. Erich fell asleep immediately (probably had something to do with the fact that it was almost 1 am and he had to get up at 4:30. But I was convinced I wouldn't be able to fall asleep until the toe was closed.

15 minutes later, sock #2 was done! I got up to go change the project's status in Ravelry (yes, I'm that bad) but a little voice inside me said that would be cheating since I hadn't woven in the ends yet. I was torn for a moment about whether to stay up even later to weave in the ends (thereby allowing me to declare it finished in Ravelry) or just go to bed. It was a quick moment. I got back down to business and was able to sleep soundly knowing I had a brand new pair of handknit socks to wear to work the next day.

So clearly, the answer to that question from earlier this summer is yes, I am keeping them. I still maintain that this colorway is way too loud for the monkey pattern. But I will not dwell on that anymore and will just enjoy the fact that I made them and the yarn is sproingy between my feet and my danskos.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ingrid Michaelson tonight!

Last call for joining me tonight at the 9:30 club.
It's an early show and she's opening for Matt Nathanson who I don't know.
So I'm only planning on going at 5:30, watching Ingrid's set, then heading to stitch 'n bitch. I can't think of a better way to fill up my evening!

p.s. Both hubby and I are in love with her; she's totally on our respective "lists". I'm crossing my fingers that I get lucky tonight! ;)

Code Blue

Please bear with me as I fight with blogger over the customization of the blog. I spent way too many hours last night futzing with the html, only to end up overhauling the whole thing at the very end by upgrading to their new (and improved?) interface. This was probably a bad idea however since I think the new system uses xml and I only know how to work with html. So the fact that I have this nice saved word document with all the lovely html code I worked on doesn't help me too much - the new system won't accept all that as proper code.

The good news is that the new system does let you customize many things very easily. So at the end of the night I was able to sort of duplicate the look I was going for using blogger's new features. Now my only big task is to figure out how to get the header to fill the whole box at the top. The way its cut off right now on the right and left really bothers me. I've tried adjusting a bunch of the code in the new template page - haven't found the trigger yet.

Having said all that, I think I'm actually in the mood for a more dramatic change that would involve *gasp* NOT having a light blue background.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A scarf update

Thanks for all the input!!! I was so attached to clapotis that I couldn't judge the matter objectively.

After the overwhelming support for feather & fan, I ended up ripping out both swatches, cast on 2 needles sizes bigger so the lace would show up better with this yarn, and started in on a new & improved feather & fan scarf. I had only done about 3 rows when I saw the brilliant suggestion by Jenna to purl the odd rows.

As much I love reversibility, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that most lace does. not. want. to. be. reversible. End of story. By knitting every row, I had compromised the lace too much and it wasn't worth it just so it'd be a reversible scarf.
See? I'm not hopeless. Thanks Jenna! (and Seal, who I think was on the same wavelength)

Doesn't this version show off the yarn's colors and texture so much better!?

*Edit* So now I'm wondering if I want to knit the 4th row such that it looks like this.
It would help w/ the curling, but I don't know if its necessarily an improvement.
Oh, and because I have so much of this yarn, I'm thinking of making a beret/tam to go with the scarf so Gram could have a set. It wouldn't be a regular hat of course, cuz that would mess up her 'do.

Friday, October 12, 2007

the Clap vs. Feather & Fan

I've been swatching for a scarf for my Gram* and I can't decide between the traditional Feather & Fan pattern and a mini Clapotis.

The yarn is Duet by Brooks Farm (drool) which is a wool/mohair blend. These 2 pictures make the voting a bit unfair because the clapotis swatch doesn't have dropped stitches yet (which is honestly the whole point behind wanting to knit that pattern).

Here's how I see the competition:

pros: nice and traditional; something I'm sure my Gram will think is pretty; very easy & quick to knit
cons: I personally don't love how it looks; maybe I need to swatch w/ larger needles, but the yarn's complexity seems to obscure the lace.

pros: fun for me to knit; I've done it before and liked the results; seems to mesh well with the semi-solidness of the yarn.
cons: Not sure it's Gram's thing - too modern?; I've done it before (should branch out?); and I've heard at least one person say it looks a little boring compared to feather & fan.

How do you see it?


* and so begins the Christmas knitting

Thursday, October 04, 2007

New Love

I have been in love with Ingrid Michaelson for a few weeks now. BEFORE the Old Navy commercial debuted. But not much before.
I have the podcast Cast-On to thank for exposing me to her music.

And she's coming to DC in a couple weeks! Sadly, I have no one to go with so I might miss this chance to see her.