Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A title as creative as the post itself

To help get myself back in the habit* of blog writing, I'm going to fall back on my old reliable post format: The bullet-point list of how I spent my weekend. And without pictures! Try to contain your excitement.

  • With some assistance from E, I changed my bike's rear tire inner tube! It had been flat for about 2 weeks. Initially, I wasn't that anxious to change the tube because as the weather has gotten colder here, the bus has become more comfy. However, any non-bike commuting method I tried took me about 3 times as long to get to work (and sometimes longer to get home). Unacceptable! While I enjoyed getting to listen to NPR so much, I did not enjoy starting dinner at 7pm. Now all I need to do to make my bike safer is replace the brake pads, replace the broken rack, and apparently replace the seat pole that is currently set about 2 inches higher than it's max height line. This is what I get for buying a bike that's too small for me.
  • I went on a mission to a local yarn store in Alexandria to see if I could find some elusive yarn for a secret project. The woman there was pretty helpful and steered me in the right direction. I've knit about 25% of that project since Sat. night. And because of 1 person who reads this, I can't share any more details.
  • Had a lovely meal with a couple friends at Red Rocks Pizza - The Victory Golden Monkey beer and the mushroom pizza were such a treat.
  • I actually dusted furniture. I never do that. But we got up fairly early on Sunday and the cold, gray weather was just conducive to cleaning (and lots of cups of coffee of course). And after weeks of it bothering me, I also finally gave in to the desire to wash down all of the shelves in the fridge. I bet you're now regretting how lame your weekend was compared to mine.
  • Online gift shopping: I had trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year. So I was even less inclined to battle store crowds and subject myself to suburban strip-mall hopping. Plus, since we were supposed to fly to RI, ordering things online and getting them shipped north seemed like the best option once again. I took care of about 5-6 gifts that way over the weekend. And of course, about 2 days later, we decided to cancel our flights and drive instead. Is that irony? Probably not.

* Let's pretend that I actually ever WAS in the habit of regular posting.