Friday, May 12, 2006

Surveying the damage

Actually, I behaved myself.
The peanut gallery has asked what I bought on Sunday at the infamous Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.
I've got just 2 words:
Brooks Farm
The 3 ladies and I went back to this lovely vendor from Texas about 2 or 3 times. Each time it was because we couldn't find anything better after looping around the whole festival and trying to hit all the barns and stalls.
I ended up getting 2 skeins of Four Play: 50/50 wool and silk in Bandanna - destined for Clapotis. As well as 1 skein of Riata: 36% mohair, 48% wool, 16% silk in Deep Blue Sea (no purpose as of yet). I'm pretty proud of myself for not going overboard as some people warned me I would. I had sort of told myself that I wouldn't ever knit Clapotis even though I LOVE how it looks and feels. I think I just thought it was such a popular pattern that I wouldn't feel special knitting it. But when the 3 people you're with force you to join their Clapotis-cult and knit along with them, well what choice did I have? T* and I will join forces against Team SealDaze in a battle to the finish with our respective dueling colorways.

Firsts for me:
I pet my first alpaca and llama (and angora bunny I believe)
Ate my first funnel cake (is this or is this not the same thing as a dough boy but in a different shape?)
Bought my first skeins from Texas
Met Ubu for the first time. (Your devotion is understandable M*)

Peeking out from behind the top photo is the fabric I found at G St. last week which has since been sewn into 2 pillow covers for the living room. Yes, it's been a pretty domestic week for me. Not so much knitting but enough fiber was inhaled on Sunday to provide hairballs throughout the week (gross, sorry for that).


Beta said...

ugh, bear with me while I try to figure out why the main content and the sidebar are so smushed together.

PassionKNITly said...

i noticed no smooshing.

glad to see you updated! Join the Brooks Farm Cult!!!

Now you understand the wonder of my icon and the puppydog face.

OldandBusted said...

No smooshing here either. But ummm, I fear we're horribly behind on the clapotis front. I still can't find my knitting needles! arg!

OldandBusted said...
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MikaJ said...

i cant wait to see all 4 of the clapotis! i finished my antro. shrug...just need to block it and put a button on it! will i see you thursday? i might host...

Beta said...

Wow, the smooshing magically disappeared without me having to lift a finger.
OOh - I'll definitely show up if you're hosting Mika. I cast on for Clapotis! It's so fun to see its progress.