Sunday, June 25, 2006

Football & Knitting

Sounds like a fun weekend, huh. I LOVE rainy weekends when I don't actually to be anywhere. Our skylight in the living room makes the rain and lightning so much more entertaining.
I've felt kind of annoyed with myself lately because while I love the World Cup and can actually tolerate watching soccer games (as opposed to nearly all other sports), I have not made any effort to catch a game in this year's World Cup. I think I was expecting that despite the very inconvenient times of the matches, I could just sit back and one would fall in my lap while flipping channels in the evening. This method doesn't really work. And I also nixed the idea of leaving work at 11am or 3pm to find a bar that's showing the games. So that leaves the weekends. Last weekend we were camping in the Shenandoah without electricity, TVs, cell phones, etc. I've been making up for lost time this weekend: yesterday was Mexico vs. Argentina at 3 and today was England vs. Ecuador. This obviously is very conducive to knitting. I'm still working on clapotis and I've finally gotten to the decrease rows towards the end. I freakin love dropping those stitches!!!!
I realized though that I have quite a baby-backlog - friends having babies and I haven't knit them a darn thing. The last baby item I knit was a hat last November. So I took some yarn off of Mika's hands and cast-on for the Daisy cardigan last night. I usually try to finish 1 project before starting another but in this case, there's really no reason to finish clapotis anytime soon. It's more of a fall piece. Plus, I LOVE the feel of suddenly switching to a different project with new colors, texture, patterns, etc.


OldandBusted said...

Yo! did you do the "repeat 12 more times" bit ont he straight part, or less? I'm worried we'll run out of yarn. eeek! P.s. nice caterpillar!

PassionKNITly said...

welcome to the world of project whoring!

bugheart said...

cute little

Cupcake said...

One project at a time? You're kidding, right?

Say, I was thinking of doing a clapotis myself with a bunch of Sock Garden I bought from Knit Picks for a project I later frogged. Is clapotis very tedious?

Beta said...

cupcake, clapotis is not tedious in my opinion. But I'll freely admit that I tend to like repetitive motion knitting. At first, clapotis went really fast and it was so satisfying to drop stitches. I did start to get a little bored, but at that point I was so closed to the end section of the pattern that I pushed through it and now its better again. Of course, I took a week's break with the cardigan which helped.