Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall, Food, and Friends

That was quite possibly the best 3 day weekend I've had in a long time. It consisted of (here we go with another list):

  • 2 roast chicken dinners (made by Erich and me)
  • Sunday brunch at Asylum w/ our neighbor friends (who were victims of Chicken Dinner #1 the night before)
  • a loaf of zucchini bread w/ some muffins thrown in for good measure - a surprise for Erich since he had class on Monday.
  • a free rental at Blockbuster: Wag the Dog (inspired by this 'blunder' Fox made last week)
  • my weekly bike-ride-to-Trade-Joes exercise routine
  • and a started and finished finished Food & Friends scarf (my first one cuz I'm lame and apparently pretty stingy with my yarn)

EDIT: Just found this gem on You Tube: MSNBC coverage of Fox's completely accidental mistake


Anonymous said...

BloggingBeta is the best wife EVER! I'm sorry to all the other wives that are reading this, but it is true.

...mmmmm....zucchini bread....

:::Homer-like drooling noise:::

MikaJ said...

where were you yesterday? having fun in the fall sun, i hope!