Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Count ... down*

  1. Number of ankles I've sprained in the last 3 weeks. Having never broken or sprained anything before, I was really intrigued by the injury that whole week as evidenced by the numerous pictures I took to document the ever-changing bruising and swelling patterns. I will spare you those photos. Luckily I wasn't really ever in any pain. It's still a little swollen now but I've been told that's normal. And the trooper that I am, I hobbled to work after sustaining the injury (falling down the stairs in our building) simply because I had a job interview that afternoon...which I limped to in low heels.

  2. People from my high school days came to visit in November. They took the Chinatown bus from Philly. It was an awesome weekend! Thankfully they'd already seen most of the monuments and good museums so we were free to find other interesting things to do like having falafel in Adams Morgan (yay Amsterdam), meeting up with 2 other friends from Philly who happened to be in DC as well, hanging out at our favorite bar: Adams Mill followed by a nostalgic visit to Milly & Al's (where we ran into ANOTHER person from our high school), and of course, brunch at Asylum.

  3. is one of my favorite numbers (the other being 7).

  4. days i spent in Rhode Island for Thanksgiving. For once it wasn't too hectic. This is my niece Rosaline. She stole the show from the turkey (who acted very bitter about the whole thing).
  5. socks I've knit in a row. 2 pairs plus 1 that ended up being too big and had to be ripped out.

  6. days since my most recent (and bestest) job interview. I don't kiss & tell about work stuff here, but I will say that it was for a research position with a nonprofit. It felt really good to finally walk out of an interview and not have any regrets about what I said (or forgot to say...).

  7. types of beer that were featured in our informal beer tasting held the weekend that the Philly-friends were in town. Erich worked hard behind the scenes buying the right size glasses, researching the various types and the best examples of each beer-type, and even calling the American Homebrewer's Association to get some pointers. The Beer Tasting was supposed to go along w/ brewing a batch of Chocolate Cherry Porter, but once we realized how many people were coming and how much work it is to keep everyone's glass filled w/ the correct beer while explaining the intricacies of that style, the brewing had to be postponed to the following weekend.

  8. (+5) people we crammed into our living room for the beer tasting. It was hot and crowded - perfect for beer drinking! That's a total of 13. I couldn't think of anything to go with 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12.
* MadameBovary reminded me that this is a count up not a count down. But seriously,who says "Count up"? And I refuse the change the order of the items to make it a count down. So there.


PassionKNITly said...

Dude...that's a count up, not a count down!

I'm reminded that I should send you guys a Tasting Club book. but maybe i'll save that for a holiday or something...

Jenna said...

You should model the socks with your bruised and swollen ankle, I'm sure it would be very attractive :)

That's a high level of commitment to a beer tasting if you guys are even buying the right glasses. Sounds fun!

bugheart said...

yum... beer.
sorry about the sprain
hooray for the
great interview!

OldandBusted said...

Congrats on happy interview feelings. I remember how hard those are to come by...and soon I'll be in there with ya!