Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Update on last episode in the Things That Annoy Me series

I believe my last installment in this series was about coffee orders at the Miami Beach Dunkin Donuts. Well, I'm back on the Beach this week and while yesterday's hazelnut iced coffee was excellent, they got neither yesterday's nor today's order 100% correct. But they did seem to be doing better. Today's wasn't actually incorrect; I just had to repeat everything - once to place the order and then again as she was making the drink and kept confirming the wrong things.
"So that's cream and sugar right?"
"No, milk and sweet & low on the side"
"Right. OK."

I also learned today that they don't actually brew hazelnut coffee (at least not for their iced versions) the way their counterparts in the North do. This means that the drink is already super sweet even without the added sugar (thank god I asked for that sweet & low on the side), since the hazelnut flavor shot they use is essentially a sweetener. So this was a small bummer because usually the only reason I get excited to see a DD anywhere is because they brew hazelnut coffee which is NOT a common practice in DC.

Anyway, now you can move on with your day since I've provided this critical update. Carry on.

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