Monday, May 12, 2008

A case of the Mondays?

This week started out...interesting.

We had been subjected to drenching rains for about 3 days which (for a couple zip codes in the area) resulted in a power outage Monday morning. Our house lost power between 7:21am and 7:29am. I know this because my alarm went off at 7:21 and I immediately reset it for 7:30 (part of my normal routine). But I wasn't awoken at 7:30. Instead I lazily opened my eyes at some point and mused over how long those last 10 minutes had felt. I glanced at the clock. But when I couldn't read it, I assumed it was because I wasn't wearing my glasses. It turns out, the clock was totally off. and it was 7:40. I was pretty lucky I guess that I woke up on my own only 10 min. after I was supposed to.

When I went to take a shower a few minutes later, I discovered just how little natural light our bathroom actually gets. I didn't know this before. So I lit about 6 candles and had a lovely candlelight shower. It almost felt romantic except for the creepy flickering shadows and the fact that I was home alone - I was little freaked out about by the end, seeing flashbacks from Psycho.

The only other event of the morning was when I missed the stop to transfer to my 2nd bus. Luckily I realized it at the next stop, ran out, and was able to catch up with the 2nd bus. Why did this happen? Probably because I was distracted by a particularly scintillating passage of the book I was reading. It was pretty graphic. Yeah. Embarrassing.

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OldandBusted said...

Only ten minutes late - that's not so bad. We lost power, too, and I didn't wake up on my own til after 10. I guess I needed the sleep.