Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ms. Passionknitly comes to Washington

Who wants a list!? 
My mom's flying in tonight and staying for a week so if I don't post this now, it might never get done. Thus, we're opting for the list format to speed things up. 

  • Sox game. Yay!
  • Sculpture Garden and Fountain by the National Gallery of Art. Lot of knitting and people-watching. Someone (not one of us) got asked to leave after she jumped (fully clothed) into the fountain.
  • Beverage break (and more knitting) at Teaism.
  • Homemade pizza (mushroom, tomato, and corn) and more Sox game. Ugh.
  • House party to see a couple of friends who moved out of town this year but were back for a visit. I may have overdone it with the dancing and hurt my back. I think we made it home on the next to the last train.
  • Reserved a cooper mini zipcar so we could check out the National Arboretum and a yarn store in Hyattsville. The arboretum rocked! We checked out the orchid show and sale as well as the bonsai and penjing collections. We were running out of time so we had to miss the Capitol Building columns and the herb garden.
  • Stitch-n-bitch at Teaism. 2 new people plus faces I hadn't seen in awhile all while enjoying the gorgeous weather outside.
  • Dinner at Wonderland on the patio
  • A long walk around the Tidal Basin, the Roosevelt memorial, and the Jefferson Monument at night.

  • Portrait Gallery: knitting in the Kogod courtyard and the "Women of our Time" exhibit.
  • Potbelly's for dinner before heading to the airport.
  • Sox game. Ugh.
Ah, it was truly a relaxing weekend. I'm really impressed with our balance of activities, knitting, and vegging.


Tracykins said...

Very nice! I miss the arboretum. Now, what about the duvet cover?

PassionKNITly said...

Ha! your friends waste no time with the duvet cover!

Seriously, that was an awesome weekend! I'm so glad I got to see you!