Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Olympic Appearance

While working the first few rows of Wisp during the opening ceremonies, I had a flashback to my last olympic project. It's both humbling and amusing to remember that at the time (2006), a pair of mittens was chosen as a challenging enough project for the endeavor. Looking back, I wouldn't exactly say that such a basic mitten pattern was that difficult for me. But because I'd never done socks, mittens, or gloves at that point nor did I have much of a record of finishing any project in a short time-frame, the idea of completing something in a new category under a deadline was enough to challenge me.

This year's project also doesn't strike me as particularly challenging, to be honest. But knowing how my work schedule has been these last few weeks, I think completing ANYTHING beyond a hat will be difficult. The primary challenge was, of course, finally using the qiviut. Second to that is working with lace-weight yarn. And third, finishing on time.

Current stats: 13.75" (35 cm). Satisfying squishiness and bunniness. A few set-backs when I k3tog by accident (it's tough to tell sometimes because the previous row's yo-k2tog make for 2 seemingly-overlapped stitches on the next row. And the tinking that resulted from those couple of hiccups was enough to convince me that I'd better get my act together - undoing this yarn is obnoxious. Tonight: Pairs free skate!


Passionknitly said...

That sounds way more doable than a cardigan. I wish I'd chosen a hat!

princess said...

I love that your blog has these words (?) in it: k3tog, yo-k2tog, tinking.

Beth Renner said...

haha @princess - Glad that amused you. Tink really is one of my favorite knitting terms.