Monday, February 27, 2006

Unexpected Gold

Last night I trekked up to Takoma Park to join some knitters in a closing ceremonies celebration. Three of us were knitting olympians, though I must confess that I never really considered myself part of the team. I mentioned that I had unofficially given myself the deadline of the closing ceremonies to finish Erich's sweater and try to make mittens. And just like that I was given one of the awards of the evening. I'm now the proud owner of KnitLit the third and a certificate: "the Joey Cheek Gold Medal for knitting with intent to enrich the lives of others". Thanks to Hook and I for "hooking" us up with great munchies and an evening of knitting.


PassionKNITly said...

each time i read this I keep thinking of intent to erich the lives of others....i don't know if it was planned that way...

bugheart said...

i still haven't removed you from your sidebar. that's how much i heart you.
but i will forget to check your blog if you don't post more... so at least let me know when you've posted so you can feel all loved and stuff when you get comments.