Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hump Day (giggle smirk giggle)

I don't really have a reason for posting tonight. Other than that it's been over a week since the last posting and I'm a little paranoid that my friends will remove me from their sidebars. Truth be told, I've just been so sick of the computer in the evenings. Work has been pretty intense for a few weeks and most of it has been computer-heavy. Also (and feel free to start gagging) coming home now to my best friend is less condusive to getting in computer time. Back in Petworth, in my 1-room world, I was content to spend evenings in my computer chair eating dinner, watching TV, chatting on Trillian, blogging (ok, LJ'ing), browsing, etc. It was actually quite pathetic how much time I stared at my screen back then. Think of all the time I could have been knitting!! In my defense, a lot of it was due to wedding planning which had to be in electronic format for the most part.

A day late, here's last night's attempt at Self Portrait Tuesday. Mind you, I'm not actually participating in it, just contributing a little bit. I think Bugheart said the theme for the month was Time. Well, I didn't really consider that when I took this. So let's see if I can fake it: The writing on the mirrored wardrobe behind me shows "Energy Storage Pathways of the Human Body" from Erich's biochemistry class. He drew the diagrams last weekend....but they're still there. And he's about to enter the room (the camera was on a timer as usual). So I'm sure a more clever person could draw some philosophical parallel between his movement into the room, the static diagrams, and the act of knitting that somehow would illustrate the theme of Time. No? Too much of a stretch? I get an A for effort though.

And here's an older photo from when PassionKNITly came to visit us in DC and drop off THE AFGHAN. We romped around the capital and took many touristy photos. This was my favorite of the people-less shots.


PassionKNITly said...

YAY an update!!!

wow, your version of that photo came out brighter than mine. And for some reason that prompted me to think about brightening mine up in photoshop...i'm all about altering photos now for some reason.

I have to do a self portrait for Heather's book. I need to find out if my tripod will hold my digicam.

Beta said...

I just got Photoshop and I'm loving it! I almost altered the one of me knitting. Last week I had a love-fest with the fisheye feature. Also, I really enjoy making most of the photo B&W and leaving one pop of color.

Anonymous said...

Let me take a stab at the Time theme:

I am about to enter the room with food that I will consume. That food will be converted in large part to blood sugars, part of which I will immediately use and part of which will have to be stored -- via the pathways illuminated on the mirror. This storage will allow me to perform activities many hours AFTER I'd eaten that food -- in much the same way that your PREVIOUSLY stored food energy is enabling you to knit so intently.

IN SUMMARY, Time is the perfect theme for this photo! This image is the quintessential picture of how the depicted energy storage pathways allow us to maintain constant energy output in the face of only periodic energy intake. By showing us both images of pending food intake and current energy mobilization (knitting), it allows us to better grasp our bodies maintain energy balance over time.

If you don't like that explanation, there are two calendars reflected in the mirror (just above my computer monitor).

your very complimented and tickled roommate