Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Family Affair

We were graced by the moms last weekend. It was wonderful. I think they really enjoyed themselves and didn't kill us in the process! It helps that they get along so well. Mothers-in-law in the same hotel room - jealous? The weather was not so cooperative, but on the 'glass is half full' side, it didn't rain as much as they had predicted and we never saw the dangerous storms they had said would hit us on Saturday.

High points:

  • They cooked dinner for us on Thursday - what a treat. They were only mildly amused by our tiny kitchen.
  • Fri: Got to sit in on one of E*'s med school lectures. It was pretty cool, except the professor was covering the entire digestive system and we were SUPER hungry.
  • Walked east to the White House; took your standard tourists pics there.
  • Proceeded to the Mall and hit the WWII memorial (E*'s fav), reflecting pool, Lincoln, Vietnam, and Korean Memorials, and finally dragged ourselves to the Smithsonian metro stop.
  • Ate leftovers and watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
  • Sat: lazy morning followed by musuems. Freer & Sackler Gallery was first: ancient pottery for E*'s mom and Hokusai for me. We whizzed through the impressionist section of the National Gallery for Cezanne (not worth the wait in line) and a little Renoir and Manet.
  • Dinner at the Reef! I think their favorite part was that the fish tanks flanking our table housed 4 of the characters from Finding Nemo.

They had an early flight out on Sunday morning and of course, the weather cleared up about 2 hours after they left.
It was really nice to have them both here.They loved seeing our apartment and pointing out all the little pieces from our families' homes that they recognized. The neighborhood wasn't too shabby either - their hotel was about a 4 min. walk from our place.


PassionKNITly said...

I'm so glad you all had such a good time!

Reading your post reminded me of my own trip there. I had fun with you folks!

MikaJ said...

most impressive-
both moms in one room!
i can only imagine what they were
talking about before they went to bed!