Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A tale of two bridges

It finally happened. They blew up the bridge. The old Jamestown bridge was demolished yesterday. My dad got to watch from a DEM boat and got the whole thing on film (it's a Rhode Island thing, you understand).

Here are 2 before and after shots. I know its hard to see the difference, but trust us, this is significant. They built the new bridge in 1992 and named it the Jamestown Verrazano Bridge. But no one ever called it that. The old bridge was from 1940. That's 14 years of old bridge and new bridge living side by side. Last time I was home, I think my family and neighbors spent at least 45 minutes discussing the bridges and demolition day.

I once heard that they almost filmed part of True Lies here so they could use the footage of the bridge explosion.

This article has links to video of the demolition.

RIP old Jamestown Bridge


MikaJ said...

that is pretty neat!
i think they are going to blow up my old work building (the one i am still at right now)...and i can't wait!

MikaJ said...
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MikaJ said...

i accidentaly posted my first comment i took it off...
so dont think i was saying mean things about you!

PassionKNITly said...



OldandBusted said...

wow. 14 years of simultaneous bridge-ness. Why did they leave the first one for so long?