Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 quick updates

Things have been busy so I only have time for 2 quick updates.

1. I finished Harry Potter last night. I liked the ending and was thoroughly surprised. So clearly, I did not fall victim to any spoilers out there in the last few weeks.

2. I'm #243 on the Ravelry invite list! That means that I'll probably get my invite the next time the Masters O'Ravelry send out a batch of invites - they usually do at least 500 at a time, though lately they've been doing around 1000 at once. yay!!!

If I were to come up with 1 thought that unites these 2 updates it would be that knitters who are fans of Ravenclaw should form a group on Ravelry. It would of course be called: Ravelclaw.


bugheart said...

that was
were going
to savor it...
do we get to
wear tiara's
while we knit
for ravelclaw?!

Katharina said...

Wie hast Du mich bitte so schnell gefunden?!!!