Monday, March 03, 2008

3 quick updates

We finally made it over to the Portrait Gallery the weekend before last. I have no shame and can admit that my primary reason for going in February was because of the Stephen Colbert portrait, which is only going to be displayed until April 1. Although I did hesitate before asking the woman at the info desk which bathroom the portrait was located outside of. After wandering around the lobby and part of the 1st floor hallway a bit, hoping to see a sign posted, I broke down and asked.
(It's across the atrium courtyard, up to the 2nd floor, left-hand hallway.)

I feel bad for the people who actually had to USE the restroom. The portrait viewers were definitely in the way and were oblivious to others' needs.
The portrait and it's plaque are awesome.

This past weekend we had a different kind of fun at the med school's formal. We got dressed up, drank less than last year, and pretended to dance to 2 songs. But we also got to catch up with some friends that we haven't seen much since everyone started their 3rd year.

And on the bread front...
We decided to take a bread hiatus - we could stand to ease up on the carbs for a bit, especially judging by my self-esteem level throughout last week's dress-buying process. Ugh.
So the only thing I cooked last weekend was a variation of my new favorite fake indian dish. I start with 1/2 jar of Masala Simmer Sauce from Trader Joes and add garlic, onions, chicken, and whatever vegetables that I have on hand that go well with the spices. This time it was peas, 1/2 can of diced tomatoes, and carrots. The first time it was peas, spinach, and a little cauliflower I think. I usually serve it over cous cous but this last time it was jasmine rice that I FINALLY cooked perfectly! It tasted so good that I almost didn't even think about how it wasn't brown rice.

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