Friday, March 28, 2008

Invisible Title

First, I give you a 2nd lolcat to vote on. He made it weeks ago but it didn't get promoted here yet because I've apparently fallen out of blogging again.

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My reason for not blogging has been totally valid. Work. Lots of it. I was blindsided. For a little over 2 months I've been splitting my time evenly between 2 campaigns and they both converged in a perfect storm of deadlines nearly 2 weeks ago. That meant taking work home every night and part of the weekends. But unfortunately for you, I can't delve into more of these gripping and blogging are a bad combination.

In other news...

Check out my new bike!!! I loves it!

Oh, did I mention my bike got stolen? Yeah, that was a sad Monday morning. I learned a valuable lesson. The U-lock is indeed the most secure bike lock....however, it's most effective when used to lock the bike TO a stationary object. Simply locking the front wheel to the bike frame and then 'hiding' the bike with trash barrels will not do the trick.

So after a week of mourning and obsessively checking every bike that rode by to see if it was mine, I starting thinking hard about what I'd like for a new bike. I was on the fence between a road bike and a sleeker hybrid than my previous bike. I knew I didn't want the upright, comfort-style hybrid, but since every brand defines the category differently, it was impossible to figure things out with online research. So it shouldn't be surprising that we ended up spending 4 1/2 hours in the bike shop last Saturday. Hubby also needed a new bike because his 10 year old, 3-sizes-too-small, gear-shift-challenged, mountain bike was becoming a safety hazard.
During these 4+ hours of monopolizing Uma the Bike Lady's time, we each tested about 2-3 hybrids and roads. I am still not sure exactly how we ended up choosing the exact same bike in the end.

Yeah, now we're that couple.

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claire said...

Yay for your new bike! I'm so excited for you!!! Is it so super fast?