Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Ok, I have this whole other entry lined up to post, but I'm preempting it for no good reason.

Charcuterie. That is the reason, albeit, not a good one.

I don't remember ever reading this word before this morning when I happened to be reading yet another mention about the upcoming opening of Commonwealth in the 1st floor of our building. It states, "The menu of British-style pub fare includes butcher boards of charcuterie (don’t miss the ultra-flavorful Surrey County ham), house-made head cheese, stuffed pigs trotters, deviled sweetbreads, pork belly, and Scotch eggs wrapped in sausage—the chef’s favorite."

Now, I didn't know what it meant initially. But later on, I checked out the picture slideshow, saw the lineup of sausages and other meat products and guessed at the meaning of the word.

And now we get to the reason for this post. Just now, I came across the word again here (under Eric Denman). "Now he has a software job during the day, a bar job a couple nights a week (Rustico, in Alexandria), and an unhealthy obsession with brewing beer, making charcuterie, and learning to play the mandolin in his spare time."

I'm sure this happens to you too. Where you learn about something you never knew about and then suddenly it starts popping up all over the place. I think most people will say that said 'thing' was always popping up, but you just weren't atuned to it. But after you learn about it, you're more inclined to notice when it pops up again. Bullshit. I don't think that answer accounts for all the times it actually happens. Maybe only 40-50% of the time. The rest of the time, I think it actually is a freaky coincidence that defies laws of nature and society.


claire said...

Yay! Beth posted a new blog!

princess said...

Firstly - yayz! New blog!

Secondly - you had never heard charcuterie before? I know I heard it from french class, but I feel like I have had more charcuterie moments outside of that. Interesting.

Thirdly - I meant to comment earlier but forgot and then just remembered because it just happened to me. This happens all the time, and I totally agree that it is not a fluke thing that you just suddenly notice it more. In my case this morning it was "NSFW." I was reading a blog and there it was, NSFW and I googled it because I hadnt seen it before. I have always written out "not safe for work." (This is like IMO (or IMHO) which after reading I immediately felt old and out of touch since I didnt know what it was.) Then I immediately went from the blog to twitter and there it was in the most recent tweet from a friend. NSFW. Go figure.