Saturday, July 26, 2008

A question and an update

Does anyone know what this plant is?

I started growing it from seed in the old apartment. And I could have sworn I labeled the little carton it was in with permanent marker. But when I went to transplant it into the window box, there were no markings, and it wasn't looking at all like a zucchini plant (which had been my guess). The fruit that it suddenly sprouted last week looks like Okra. But I don't own any okra seeds. Bizarre.

So Wednesday was our 3-yr anniversary. We joked that at this point, there's really no turning back. For real. I made him chicken tikka masala, his favorite restaurant meal and I have to say, it was awesome!!! I used a combination of a Cook's Illustrated and Food and Wine recipe. I tried to find something on epicurious and Cooking Light but I struck out.

I also got him a cordless, 18V, lithium-ion battery, Makita power drill/driver. Cuz the 3 year anniversary is either leather, or power tools. ;)


cici said...

Hmm.are you sure it's not Okra??.. that would be my guess. Happy Anniversary, the meal looks delicious.!!

Michelle said...

It is totally okra. 100%. Weird.

MikaJ said...

okra. or some crazy hibiscus. regardless, same family!

claire said...

Definitely okra!! Delicious! Congrats on the anniversary. It was great to see you both tonight.