Monday, October 15, 2007

A scarf update

Thanks for all the input!!! I was so attached to clapotis that I couldn't judge the matter objectively.

After the overwhelming support for feather & fan, I ended up ripping out both swatches, cast on 2 needles sizes bigger so the lace would show up better with this yarn, and started in on a new & improved feather & fan scarf. I had only done about 3 rows when I saw the brilliant suggestion by Jenna to purl the odd rows.

As much I love reversibility, I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that most lace does. not. want. to. be. reversible. End of story. By knitting every row, I had compromised the lace too much and it wasn't worth it just so it'd be a reversible scarf.
See? I'm not hopeless. Thanks Jenna! (and Seal, who I think was on the same wavelength)

Doesn't this version show off the yarn's colors and texture so much better!?

*Edit* So now I'm wondering if I want to knit the 4th row such that it looks like this.
It would help w/ the curling, but I don't know if its necessarily an improvement.
Oh, and because I have so much of this yarn, I'm thinking of making a beret/tam to go with the scarf so Gram could have a set. It wouldn't be a regular hat of course, cuz that would mess up her 'do.


Jenna said...

Ya know, I try to share my brilliance wherever I can :) I'm glad you like it better this way, I think it's really cute. Reversibility is good, but not always necessary in a scarf, I think.

seal said...

it sure does. tis lovely, darling!

PassionKNITly said...

Oh yeah...the knitting makes a HUGE difference and makes it look a lot better!

seal said...

on purling every forth row - that's what i did for these bonnets and i liked the result. give it a shot. as for rolling, knitting the first and last stitches of every row to make a little garter stitch frame will help, too.

OldandBusted said...

The bigger needles are a definite improvement. I don't think I'm down with the ridge of the purling every 4th row, but it's because I like the pet the scarves, and that would interrupt the smooth petting action. :)