Friday, October 12, 2007

the Clap vs. Feather & Fan

I've been swatching for a scarf for my Gram* and I can't decide between the traditional Feather & Fan pattern and a mini Clapotis.

The yarn is Duet by Brooks Farm (drool) which is a wool/mohair blend. These 2 pictures make the voting a bit unfair because the clapotis swatch doesn't have dropped stitches yet (which is honestly the whole point behind wanting to knit that pattern).

Here's how I see the competition:

pros: nice and traditional; something I'm sure my Gram will think is pretty; very easy & quick to knit
cons: I personally don't love how it looks; maybe I need to swatch w/ larger needles, but the yarn's complexity seems to obscure the lace.

pros: fun for me to knit; I've done it before and liked the results; seems to mesh well with the semi-solidness of the yarn.
cons: Not sure it's Gram's thing - too modern?; I've done it before (should branch out?); and I've heard at least one person say it looks a little boring compared to feather & fan.

How do you see it?


* and so begins the Christmas knitting


PassionKNITly said...

feather and Fan

Elspeth said...

I'd go with feather and fan. Are you purling or knitting the wrongside rows?

Beta said...

knitting. I think knitting all the rows makes it a LITTLE more reversible. Also, the website I pulled the stitch pattern from called for knitting every row.
Would you recommend purling?

claire said...

Go for the feather and fan! It's pretty and you haven't done it before!! And you said your grandmother likes scarves and now shawls.

seal said...

ooo, tough one. i like the feather and fan (even though you don't see the lace as much you still see the pattern) but calppy's one of my favorites. go whichever you think she'll get more wear out of, i think. they're both beautiful, though.

Jenna said...

In answer to your question above, I think you should go with feather and fan with purling. It will make the lace stand out a bit better with the yarn. It's traditional and pretty, very nice for grandmas.

bugheart said...

i am voting
on feather
and fan too...
for all the
reasons above...