Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2 Patriots

This week didn't start out so well.

We were stunned Sunday night - New York fans rushed the field on TV, and our apartment became like a morgue as friends put on their coats and headed home quietly. In true Boston-fan fashion, we expressed some guilt that perhaps we had celebrated too fiercely when the Pats scored that touchdown in the 4th quarter to pull ahead. Mea Culpa. I can't believe this week of mourning is only half over.
And I wish creative sorts of pain on the next person who says, "Well, I'm not really a Giants fan, but I just couldn't support a dynasty so I'm happy."

On to more uplifting things...
Can you tell what this? No? Look closer. Now squint a little. Now let your imagination wander.

Do you see the bald eagle now? Good!
So I was chatting with a coworker in his office and spotted a large bird circling the neighboring buildings. My first thought was that it was a hawk (cuz somehow that sounded more normal than an eagle in Washington, DC in February). But when I asked him what he thought it was, he went nuts exclaiming it was a bald eagle. Apparently he's really into birds and is 100% convinced that's what we saw. Based on my very limited knowledge, I'd have to agree. We discussed whether the sight of our nation's bird flying overhead stirred feelings of patriotism.
It did not. It was awesome, but in a bird-watcher kind of way, not in a I love America way.

I can tell you it had a white head and tail feathers and a dark body. That's about all I could see though it did circle quite low right outside our window. Maybe it was looking for rats? I don't know that the south side of Dupont is exactly a rat haven, but maybe this eagle was hunting rats fed on fancy food. Oh, and apparently bald eagles really prefer fish - guess he went home hungry.


Cupcake said...

Beta, I just got on Ravelry and I love it! Are you on? My screenname is "CupcakeMafia".

Beta said...

Oh no, you are rather late to the ravelry party! what happened? Glad you made it though :)

Cupcake said...

I know. I balked at first, then when I wanted in it took forever to get an invitation.

OldandBusted said...

There are bald eagles nesting on the Anacostia, so it's entirely possible.

Erich said...

i like the title of this post. it's clever.