Monday, September 29, 2008

Duvet short list

I swear, this is almost over. We will soon be back to our regularly (and equally mundane) programming.

After lots of helpful input, we have this lovely short list. Feel free to weigh in again! I've tried to add one semi-negative comment for each one. Don't ask me why - that seemed like a good idea.

Fairhaven: No blue!

Twighlight: Matches our shower curtain. Is that good or bad?

Marimekko Ruovikko: Not enough color?

Zen: Color might not work in our bedroom

Sea Reeds: Too much blue?

Morning Bloom: Seems a tad cartoonish?

Branches French Blue: Afraid of getting sick of the pattern

Cove Organic: Hard to keep clean, EDITED: super expensive

Valerie: Hard to keep clean


PassionKNITly said...

I vote for twilight or valerie. Both kind of scream "you guys" to me.

princess said...

I like Sea Reeds. I like Valerie. I really like Twilight but it seems like it could be a bit on the dark side and I dont know what you bedroom looks like. I like Marimekko too but I would worry about it being too busy. Especially if your bedroom is on the small or cluttery side. I like Zen too but I like it with the skirt, are you planning on using the skirt? It might seem washed out without it, I am not sure. Fair Haven doesn't look like you, probably because there is no blue. It also seems a little old. I am assuming that Morning bloom is Branches French Blue? I agree it might be cartoonish and I dont know if that fits you. I dont think I like Cove Organic. Hope that helps.

PassionKNITly said...

Actually, dare I bring up that you might want to feel these? If you narrow it down to like three, you could always pick the one that feels the softest...

princess said...

Ignore my note about Morning Bloom and Branches French Blue. It was before I was really awake. I like the idea of trying to feel them. Which might be tough seeing as how they are online. But you dont want a stiff and prickly duvet.

Tracykins said...

Okay, in order:
Fair haven - reminds me of the jungle...and not in a good way. Plus, I agree with the "seems old" comment.

Twilight - metallic leaves might look tacky in person...and may look crappy after a few washes.

Marimekko - I like it, but may be a little subdued.

Zen - I like this one, but the blue is pale, so I agree with Princess that the skirt really helps it pop.

Sea Reeds - who knows about the color in real life - but it looks too baby blue.

Morning Bloom - I like it, but I'd like it more if the pattern were at a smaller scale. Very mod, which doesn't necessarily fit with what else you've got.

Branches - if you think you might get sick of it - you'll get sick of it.

Cove organic - $$ and I think there are better choices.

Valerie - This one migyht be my favorite. A variety of green tones, good pattern scale and well, I'm into green these days.

I think my faves are Valerie and the Marimekko. Those are my two cents!

nicole said...

i like Twilight and Valerie. I really really light Zen. so much so that I might buy it (we are also in the market for new bedding, we got a new bedroom set last year so now its time for sheets and such) but i also agree with sara about the bed skirt. i have a sort-of platform bed that has dark brown side rails that will make the duvet pop....

dingbatdc said...

Zen- I think the brown might clash with the tones in your floor???

Marimekko- too busy

Sea reeds- like

Morning bloom- like

others, ok but not great, and I think greenish/browns might clash with your floor, which could be annoying for however long you're in your current apt.

bugheart said...

1st: marimekko
(i am partial to marimekko)
2nd: morning bloom
(maybe hard to keep clean)
3rd: sea reeds
(nice but may be too subtle)

bugheart said...

ps i agree
with dingbat-
i think
greens and browns
will clash
with the floors.