Friday, September 12, 2008

Weather, a cold, and a cardigan - Fall's on the way

We went to a wedding last weekend - the bride and groom were especially thankful that their guests came out to celebrate despite the near hurricane conditions outside. Also, Erich and I learned that the quasi-salsa and semi-swing dancing we do impresses lots of people. I think the trick is to know about 4 different kinds of turns/spins and make sure the follower knows the leader's signals. Then when 2 or 3 of those turns are done in succession, you can impress everybody.

The bride and groom at the after-party practicing the Dirty Dancing running-jump-catch-thing. This was one of their weaker attempts, though a couple were quite good.

Cold all week - which has meant sleeping on the couch a few times because either my coughing or nose blowing would have woken Erich up. The rotation he's on right now has him up every day at 4:45am and on-call (overnight at the hospital) every 4th night.

Finished Tangled Yoke cardigan! - With Erich on call Mon. night and my cold getting going, there was nothing left to do but weave in ends and sew on buttons. I still don't know how I got the blocking done so fast. I LOVE it. I wore it to work once this week and I know it will get a lot of wear. The buttons that I picked out during my last trip to NYC are perfect and I'm sure they no longer mind the many many weeks they sat in the bottom of my knitting basket.

2 things I learned through this project: buttonholes and 3 needle bind-off.


cici said...

This cardi is gorgeous. Such a good job! You have skills girl.The buttons match perfect. I am hoping to finish my first cardi sooooon.

PassionKNITly said...

It came out really well! I get comments on mine all the time so I'm sure you will as well! We can be TYC twins when I come down in October!!!

OldandBusted said...

Sorry to hear that you were (hopefully, it has passed) sick and Erich wasn't sleeping, but that is one nice cardigan. I just love cardigans. And after an hour long trip to the Boston button store, I can appreciate how hard it is to pick out good buttons. Lookin' good.