Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day weekend

The following was supposed to just be an outline for a more interesting post. But too much time has past so this is all you get.

Context is that our good friend Darragh had been visiting for nearly a week and went home to England on Wednesday afternoon. Erich had the next 4 days off with only his personal statement for the residency application on his to-do list.

  • champagne and photo organizing for scanning
  • I realized I took a lot of photos my freshman and junior years of high school
  • Natl. Building Museum
  • Ayoti (Indian food for date night; we'll definitely be going back)
  • Work
  • Grocery shopping
  • Madness of King George and Short Circuit (thanks to Netflix Instant Watching which we JUST discovered)
  • Garden
  • Wonderland Ballroom w/ A & M, Wii time
  • Bike through Rock Creek Park to Trader Joes (7.2 mi.)
  • Made mozzarella, basil, tomato salad
  • Knitting at Teaism
  • Building-wide BBQ on the Roofdeck with chicken kabobs, naan, and salad
  • Bike through Rock Creek and Capital Crescent Trail to Fletcher's Boathouse. BBQ-going-away party (11.8 mi.)
  • Knit tangled yoke cardigan in party room while watching Bread & Roses
  • Target

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