Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time to buy some bedding

When we got married, we didn't put any bedding on the registry. We were already happy with what we had (same goes for towels, bathroom stuff, etc). But over time, I've grown to loathe how haphazard our bedroom feels. Between the navy blue duvet cover and the various pillowcases on the bed at any time, we're looking at navy blue, black, white, and forest green. I don't like the furniture either but that's not something we can tackle in the near future.

So my first thought was to just replace all of the pillowcases with 1 fun print that has at least SOME navy blue in it to match the duvet. That hasn't been as easy as it sounds. So now I'm leaning towards replacing all of the bedding and getting a duvet cover with a print along with solid, matching pillow cases.

After checking out about 6 stores' online inventory, here is the short list:

CrateandBarrel "Marimekko Ruovikko"
Macys 1 "Sea Reeds"
Macys 2 "Morning Bloom"
Macys 3 "Glacier"
Overstock "Branches French Blue"
Pottery Barn 1 "Tatum"
Pottery Barn 2 "Koi Fish" (just the pillow cases)
Pottery Barn 3 "Songbird"

My mom and gram have a strong favorite from this list - I think I agree with them. I'll reveal which one in a couple days.

EDITED: This is so fun - thanks for voting ladies!
Here are a few more I just found - a couple seem to be out of stock and/or are probably too expensive. Man, do you see the common thread among all these? Who knew my taste was so specific. 
Bugheart - I KNEW you'd pick the Marimekko one. That's also my mom and gram's favorite.
In a couple days, I'll probably post a ranked top 5 list based on your input. Can we say overkill?


princess said...

I like Macy's 1 and Overstock.

Alichka said...

I really love the Crate and Barrel one, as well as Macy's 3.

nicole said...

i like 3: Macys 1 & 2 and Pottery Barn 1. not a fan of the fish pillows. I think my favorite is Macys 1 though. i am also looking for new bedding, but havent found anything i like that goes with our furniture (new last year). i like browns and blues but our furniture is super dark brown so a lot of the browns in the bedding sets are toolight and look washed out against the furniture....

PassionKNITly said...

have you looked at The Company Store online?

also, i'm a fan of the idea that solid colors match other solid colors...but i totally know what you mean.

bugheart said...

{crate n barrel}
all the way.