Monday, March 27, 2006

Does this mean I get to buy new shoes to show these off?

I started my first sock sometime last year. I don't really recall when exactly cuz much of last year was a blur of wedding planning, moving and then all of a sudden it was Christmas.
Anyway, I'm using Cascade Fixation which is VERY elasticky (is that a word?) and the pattern is from Wendy's Toe-Up Sock pattern. After the excitement of doing the toe, I really lost interest in it, and I started to despise the yarn. I think its just not a good choice for a first sock. Anyway, I had nothing to knit for Sunday's SnB having finished my mom's scarf - mostly - so I dug out the abandoned sock. It took me forever to remember where I had left off, but it turns out I was JUST about to turn the heel! Wheeee... And now I have a completed turned heel. I'm very glad I'm done with those short rows and the tedious wrapping it required. Not to mention that I hate purling with these needles and this yarn. Now it's just straight shooting up the ankle and nothing but knit (I bet that's already been taken as a blog name). Any suggestions for how long it should be?

When I ordered the yarn, I was in denial about how much would be needed for 2 socks so I only ordered 1 skein. Another skein must be ordered immediately lest I fall victim to the one-sock blues - which is very likely since it took me so long to get moving on #1.

I could forego ordering new shoes and just sport the socks w/ sandals look. Nice.


Cupcake said...

You know, I've tried but never completed a couple of different sock styles. The only one that works for me is dpns knit from the cuff down. Some patterns call for a 7 inch cuff, but I usually find 5 inches is good. I also have a much easier time completing a pair if I'm knitting on bigger needles, say a size 3 as opposed to a size 1.

For good, cheap sock yarn I use Knit Picks. I really like Sock Gardens and Sock Memories. I also liked Parade. I wouldn't recomend the Dancing (ugly) and the self-striping (I forget the name, but it is cheap feeling and ugly).

PassionKNITly said...

lookin hot!

I knit my mom's socks out of Fixation and i actually really liked it. it's hard to find sock yarn, let alone sock yarn that is machine wash and dryable. I'd knit with fixation again.

seal said...

I'm using fixation for some baby booties and I agree that it's weird to work with. But I like the finished results.

As for length, measure a pair of socks you like. I'm working on my second pair and they're 8in from heel to cuff. Or, since you're planning on buying another skein for a second sock, keep going until you run out of yarn!

OldandBusted said...

The SNB folks seem to like the trekking yarn. one ball bakes a pair...or maybe more.

Beta said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! And I'm feeling better about Fixation. I started the ribbing last night so I probably have another couple inches to go. I'll either go with something from Knitpicks or Trekking yarn next.