Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring thoughts

Things I'm thinking about...

  • I think my rosemary plant caught whatever killed my basil and I had to throw it out. My windowsill is now left with only mint (which has been thriving after this 2nd attempt to grow it from seeds) and parsley (which now looks like a cross between 2 plants). I blame the old pots for the death of basil and rosemary. We stole those pots from the yard of a plant store that was closing in Wickford. They never looked very good and often had white powdery stuff on the outside. Last weekend, I bought an eggling with basil seeds because I miss fresh basil and it looks so freaking cute in the eggy ceramic pot.

  • I'm going to RI this weekend! But don't tell my gram cuz its a surprise. It's her 80th birthday and my mom has been planning a surprise lunch for her at her favorite restaurant - I think she invited 15 people! It's a good thing my visit is a surprise cuz I couldn't think of a single thing to get her so it looks like my presence will be the present. Lame, I know.

  • UPS delivered my yarn today! Using up a gift certificate to YarnMarket from Xmas 2004, I ordered the extra skein of Cascade Fixation for the socks and 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in coral. After seeing the luscious results over at SealDaze on her Anthropologie-inspired Capelet from Peonyknits, I had to join the club. I know another SnB already had knit the popular cardigan, but she doesn't have a blog so she doesn't get a link here. I was tempted to get something in blue (surprise, surprise) but I broke with tradition and got coral. I had a coral halter top once that I loved. And I have a skirt that I don't wear very often because it has such a strange mix of colors in it, including coral. And in case you are also in the dark like E, it is not a green, but rather a mild pink/orange/melon. I like this pattern because it seems like a good intro to actually doing a full cardigan, it's the perfect weight/length for spring, and since it uses so little yarn, its a very cheap sweater.

  • E and I had a very domestic weekend 2 weeks ago. Wedid some marathon shopping at Ikea and came out with an entertainment center, floor lamp, 2 table lamps, and a pendant lamp for the kitchen table. The entertainment center replaced this black plastic/plywood crappage that I got at CVS my sophomore year. It now houses the new (to us) Pioneer tuner/receiver that E found on Ebay. And of course it needed speakers so he hunted around for some deals and now we have surround sound! Now I can hear NPR from the kitchen. With the new furniture came a mini-makeover and we changed the orientation of the room. I'm not really one to do actual spring cleaning. So the work we put into the living room felt like a nice alternative. Things did get cleaner, old stuff was moved out, and the new look is light and airy. I can't wait to start leaving the windows open all the time.


PassionKNITly said...

yay for more yarn!!!

Oh, and I still really like your new layout.

Hope your gran was pleasantly surprised!

OldandBusted said...

Mint is like the plant that won't die! Ours has withstood everything from lack of water to lack of light. It just sort-of hangs out and waits for better times. I got an eggling for my b-day and now it's packed, and I can't find it, but I'm hoping to get it out soon!

Cupcake said...

Tiwn Oaks! Twin Okaks!

That's all I have to say about that. Twin Oaks!