Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Dream of Duggar

I really should be writing about the amazing weekend I had (it included a bike ride in the park, a museum, the DMV, and a couple of happy hours) but instead I feel like exposing you all to something I'm calling the Duggar Phenomenon. I vaguely remember once hearing about this southern family that had a lot of children...around 14 kids. But it was only a vague memory. Then, on Friday or Saturday, Erich and I caught a little 1 hour special on the Duggar family of Arkansas.
We watched it. I was mesmorized. Then, TLC ran another special about them last night (it actually kept me up late!) which revolved around the process of them building their 7000 sq. ft. house. I think I even dreamt about them last night! I have so many unanswered questions. Do they have a large extended family too? Do their cousins like them? Since they are home-schooled, do they get extracurricular interactions with other kids, or is it only through church group? Are these kids going to grow up normal? Cuz see, the odd thing is, they really appeared to be normal on TV - both in how they interacted with each other and the way they spoke on camera. Except for their matching outfits, the obscenely large collars that the girls' dresses had, and the fact that they have 14 siblings (I think its actually 15 now) they really seemed well-adjusted, intelligent, mature, etc. But I wanted nothing more than to judge them and critcize so much of their life. Are those kids going to grow up and want nothing to do with having babies? I spent a good chunk of my time today researching their philosophies, daily life routines, and trying to figure out which religion runs their life. I think it's most likely fundamentalist Southern Baptist, but I can't tell if "fundamentalist" is just a word that people who are not like them impose on such families. It doesn't sound like a label anyone would ever voluntarily have. They also follow a particular life principle known as "Full Quiver" after the passage in the Bible that recommends having as many children to fill a quiver (gross paraphrasing). I am hereby not responsible for the feeling you have after seeing the results from googling "full quiver" and "duggar" - or even just full quiver. I haven't even reached the tip of the iceberg yet on the questions I keep thinking of. They'll probably keep me up again tonight. I was hoping this entry would be a bit purging.

On an unrelated note, and STILL not getting to the point about the fabulous weekend, look what finally arrived at work today! It's my first kitchen scale. A friend of ours asked me tonight, "um, why? i mean, why did you order that?"
Haha. Ok, well see, a lot of the recipes I pick out give ingredients in mass measurements only. And because I never really took a lab science or cooked much with my mom, I can't guesstimate ANYTHING - 5 ounces? 200 grams? 1 lb, 3 ounces? No idea. I get by looking up rough conversions on the internet and saying things like, "well, it asks for 5 ounces of x liquid. And a regular glass of water is considered to be 8 ounces. So fill a little more than half of that glass with x liquid and you'll probably be at 5 ounces." And I KNOW that most of the cooking I do probably doesn't require the precise measurements that a kitchen scale will yield, but if I'm going to fuck up a recipe, I'd like it to be from my own ignorance, shortcuts, or risk-taking. Not because I can't achieve the portions the recipe calls for.

Here are a couple snippets of the wonderfully warm weekend:


seal said...

andAND you can weigh out portions of yarn, too!

p.s. I have to turn off my brain when it comes to families like that...

OldandBusted said...

Occasionally, my parents dressed my two sister and I in similar outfits....and then it went to variations on that theme - my younger sis and I in similar outfits, but the older sis got to wear something different. Or, all three of us would get monogrammed sweaters from grandma for Christmas, but in different colors. But 14 other people plus the parents all in the same basic outfit. Therapy for sure! Where is the individuality?

bugheart said...

my father wanted a ton of kids... i call it the "cheaper by the dozen syndrome" usually thought up by a only child who is usually a man (would a woman EVER really want to give birth to THAT many kids??!
my mom was lucky, she started late so they had to stop at me...
there are so many reasons why it is just plain IRRESPONSIBLE to have that many kids... even if you can... why not adopt if you want so many damn kids?!
heesch- it's just gross.
not that i have an opinion on this or anything!

PassionKNITly said...

Well...looks like they have a really good time in their bedroom. I have a ton of questions too:
- How does one have sex with that many kids running and screaming around?

- Assuming the mother takes care of the kids and doesn't have a job outside of that, how can one person support 16 people?

- Do they get audited all the time for claiming they have 14 dependents?

- Are they going to pay for college for all these kids, or are they just going to like make them go into the military or get married or something?

- How will they ever get onto the show "Wife Swap?"

- Perhaps the biggest question I have is: Who's the favorite?!


you should post the excel document that you make that tells you the weight of each of the containers you have.

Cupcake said...

I had a kitchen scale in Austria to help me with recipie measurements, and then I got so used to it when I returned to the States I was totally lost. Now if I bought one again, I wouldn't know what to do.

Are those all the biological children of that family? If so, it's amazing that that woman doesn't have serious health problems from bearing 15 children. At any rate, she has probably shortened her life expectancy greatly.

How much is a quiver?